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Signs That Your Laptop Battery Is About To Kick The Bucket

Posted by Laptop Battery Depot on 01/19/2011


Signs that your laptop battery is out of charge is pretty obvious: your laptop “dies” and you can’t use it until battery life is restored. But how do you know when it’s time to quit constantly recharging your laptop battery and purchase a new one? Short of it not holding a charge at all, there are other telltale signs you should be aware of so you will have plenty of time to get a replacement so your utilization of your computer continues without interruption.

Keep these signs in mind:

  • Performance of your battery seems to be slacking. If you are starting to wonder whether your battery is not completely charged or that it seems to need recharging more frequently, chances are it's nearing the end of its life. Decreased performance and increased frequency of charges is a sure-bet sign that you need to to get a replacement battery soon.
  • Your battery is older than 18-24 months: Rechargeable batteries don't live on forever. In fact, all will wear out with time and usage. If you use your laptop continuously, its lifespan but be shorter than the user who just starts up the computer a few times a week. Keep in mind, the 18 to 24 months is just an average window too. Many high-frequency users start noticing laptop battery drain just after a year.
  • Charging your battery more than 300 times: There is no magic number in terms of number of charges your laptop battery should be able to do, but data suggests that 300 is about average for a laptop battery before it needs replacing. While no one typically keeps track of how many times you charge your battery, you can estimate it by considering the number of times you charge your battery each week or month and then multiplying it by the number of weeks or months you've had the battery. While you don't have to stop using your battery at this point, it would be prudent to go ahead and buy a new battery and have it charged and ready…for when the time comes!
  • Your battery check utility says time is running out. Most, but not all, laptops have a battery check utility that reminds consumers it's time for a new battery. Different laptops may feature different wording or have different recommendations, but the key is to stay aware of how low you should go on the utility feature.

The one thing you absolutely don’t want to happen is to be blissfully unaware that your laptop battery is about to die—permanently, meaning you’ll have to rush out and find the first product you can that works—regardless of the price. Rather, remain aware of how much typical life is remaining on your current laptop battery and then purchase a replacement one that will be ready to get the job done when needed. When shopping for a laptop battery, keep in mind that our batteries carry a 2-year warranty and we are offering $10 off any battery and free shipping. But hurry, as this is a limited time offer at the Laptop Battery Depot.


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