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What to do with Old Laptop Batteries

Posted by Laptop Battery Depot on 01/27/2011

ZZ2F8C9DD7.jpgAt some point, your laptop battery is going to run out of juice, and hopefully you've taken precautions to already have a new one so your ability to use your laptop remains uninterrupted. But what should you do with your dry cell battery? Recycle, of course!

With over three billion cell batteries sold throughout the U.S. each year, it makes sense to consider recycling your used-up battery as a strategy rather than simply tossing it into trash. Somewhere between 50 and 70 percent of heavy metals found in landfills come from consumer batteries. Because these batteries can disperse metals and other toxic substances into our environment, recycling is an easy step. The only part that takes any effort at all is to figure out just how and where to recycle.

Some communities encourage consumers to simply place used-up laptop batteries in their normal recycling container, where it will be sorted and handled. If you don't have a curbside recycling program, contact your local recycling center to get more information on how and where to go. There are also a number of environmental organizations that can assist you. Consider the tools by or Many laptop brands have their own so-called e-waste recycling programs, so if in doubt, contact the manufacturer of your laptop and ask about battery recycling there.

ZZ7FFDCF6B.jpgThe good news is that consumers are increasingly aware of recycling actions of used batteries, not just of laptops, but for other electronics such as cameras and cell phones as well, to name a few. Call2Recycle, North America's only free battery collection program, announced last week that it had a record-breaking 10.1 percent increase in its overall rechargeable battery collections in 2010. The organization utilizes its network of more than 30,000 retail, municipal and business partners to collect more than 6.7 million pounds of rechargeable batteries during the year.

Laptop Battery Depot is committed to recycling efforts as well. We send all our batteries that are not fit to sell to Call2Recycle centers so that they can be properly recycled and given new life. We also encourage our customers to do their part too by recycling their old battery.


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