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In recent years, Dell has become a leader in computers and notebooks. The focus of Dell’s computers has been customizability, giving customers a chance to choose configurations and specs that fit their individual needs.

This concept of customization has extended into the realm of laptops and notebook computers. Users can purchase quality portable machines that match their specific requirements at affordable prices. Dell’s quality and customization extends to all parts of the laptop, including the battery.

About the Batteries

The Dell laptop battery uses lithium-ion batteries, from 6 to 12 cells, typical to most laptops in this day and age. Lithium-ion is much lighter in weight and smaller in size than alternatives, like nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride, but does not sacrifice its overall power capacity.

Dell also offers customization, ensuring you get the best Dell laptop battery for your machine. For some laptop models, you may choose a battery with a higher watt hour rating, which will subsequently provide your laptop with a longer battery life. Other models offer second batteries. Just swap out batteries on the fly.

Dell’s battery slice is a long, flat battery unit that plugs into the bottom of select laptops. The battery slice provides a much longer battery life. However, this adds to the bulkiness and overall weight of the laptop.

Battery Life

The average lithium-ion battery lasts about 2-4 hours on a single charge and has a lifetime capacity of 300-500 charges. Typically, after about three years, the battery will only last about 30 minutes on a single charge or may fail to hold a charge at all.

The custom laptop batteries offered by Dell can greatly increase battery life. The battery slice can give you at least 7 hours of use, so the added weight and bulk may well be worth the extra power.

However, even the best batteries are prone to aging, and you’ll need to buy Dell laptop batteries now and then throughout your computer’s life. Search through Laptop Battery Depot’s wide selection by brand or model number to find the right battery for your portable machine.

Battery Care

Caring for your Dell replacement laptop batteries can prolong their health and keep them working properly.

Make sure to exercise your laptop’s battery. Try not to leave it unused for extended periods of time. A dormant laptop battery will eventually fail to keep a charge. Charging the battery every few weeks will ensure its health.

Clean the laptop battery’s contacts with alcohol and cotton swabs. This will ensure a proper connection between the battery and the laptop.

For a product whose materials are quality and customizable, yet prices are affordably cheap, Dell laptop batteries are the ticket.


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